Flowes Store Fire Department
Flowes Store Fire Department

Interested in Volunteering and becoming a member at Flowes Store FD?

If you live in or around the Flowes Store area and are interested in becoming a member you can stop by the fire station at anytime between 8am-9pm and pick up an application.  You may also come to one of our meetings and pick up an application.  Meetings are held on the 1st and 3rd Mondays of each month at 7pm.  We accept members with experience and without experience.  For those that do not have any experience in the fire service we will help you get the training you need.  If you are not sure which fire department you are closest to, give us a call or email us and we can help.

There are many reasons to become a volunteer firefighter.


  - Help people of your community in their time of need

  - Get training and experience that could lead you into a career

  - Be apart of a team that makes a difference


Our members put in a lot of time and effort to help those in our community so we as a fire department also try to give back to our members.  We offer several incentives:


  - Members who complete their probationary period receive pay for each call they run

      ( pay is based off of certifications )

  - The fire department pays into the NC Fire/Rescue Pension Fund for each member

      that meets training requirements for the year 

  - Certified members can earn extra money working shifts at the fire station      

      ( $12-$17/hour)

  - The department has a nice workout gym that is open to all FSFD members

Junior Firefighter Program

Flowes Store Fire Department has a Junior Firefighter program for 16-18 year olds still enrolled in high school.  The application process is the same as for a regular member with a little less required paperwork.  This program is aimed at gaining the interest of younger people in the community and showing them the importance of helping in their community and also possibly spark an interest for a possible career in the Fire or EMS field. 


Junior Firefighters can:

  - train with department members

  - begin work on certification classes

  - ride along for emergency calls and assist in a limited capacity

  - learn about careers in the Fire service or EMS field


Junior members are required to submit grades to the officer over Junior members and must maintain passing grades to remain active as a Junior member of the department.  School comes first!  If you would like to get some more information about the Junior Firefighter program or get an application you can stop by the fire station anytime from 8am-9pm. 

Contact Us

Flowes Store Volunteer Fire Department


8623 Flowes Store Rd.
Concord, NC  28025

Phone: +1 704/786 2326 +1 704/786 2326


Chief Joey Houston


ISO rating: 4/9E

  4 for all properties within 5 miles

     of the Flowes Store Station

  9 for properties beyond 5 miles

     of the Flowes Store Station


Serving since 1962

            2021 Call Summary -  

                580 Total Calls

Month Fire EMS Total
Jan.  19 28 47
Feb. 16 21 37
March 26 26 52
April 28 16 44
May 17 24 41
June 28 23 51
July 26 27 53
Aug. 18 32 50
Sep. 25 26 51
Oct. 22 31 53
Nov. 21 29 50
Dec. 25 26 51


Month Fire EMS Total
2020 Call Summary - 561 Total Calls
Jan.  24 15 39
Feb. 31 17 48
March 30 14 44
April 34 12 46
May 25 10 35
June 27 23 50
July 25 17 42
Aug. 31 28 59
Sep. 20 18 38
Oct. 35 23 58
Nov. 32 14 46
Dec. 27 25 52
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