Flowes Store Fire Department
Flowes Store Fire Department

Flowes Store Fire Department

Flowes Store Volunteer Fire Department was organized at its first meeting on February 16, 1962.  The department later incorporated on March 8, 1962 with 14 firemen. Before this time, the area was protected by Jackson Park VFD, Midland VFD, and Allen VFD.


Flowes Store Volunteer Fire Department is overseen by 9 board of directors all of which live within the Flowes Store Fire District, 3 of those can be firefighters.  The department operations are run by 3 Chief officers, 4 line officers, and 2 safety officers. 

The population in the Flowes Store area has increased over the last several years but the area is still primarily a nice quiet rural area.  Our department currently operates with 2 engines, 2 tankers, 1 rescue, 1 brush, and 1 squad truck.  We currently staff our station with 2 certified members 24/7/365 and other members will respond from home.  We have a dedicated group of members and have an overall average of 5-7 members per call.  The addition of 24 hour coverage in 2017 greatly improved our response times and ensures we can get help to you as fast as possible.  The dedication of our members allows us to provide these services at a fraction of the cost of a full time career department without sacrificing the level of service. 


In addition to our dedicated workforce, all of the departments in the area work together through automatic aid and mutual aid aggreements to help mitigate larger incidents such as structure fires.  A typical structure fire will pull units from 3-6 stations whether its a municipal fire department or volunteer department.  Flowes Store Fire Department provides automatic aid to Allen VFD, Georgeville VFD, Harrisburg FD, Midland VFD, Mint Hill FD, and Robinson VFD.  Flowes Store Fire Department receives automatic aid from Allen VFD, Georgeville VFD, Harrisburg FD, Midland VFD, and Robinson VFD.  For larger incidents we will receive mutual aid from other departments in the area as well.  With the assistance of automatic aid from these departments we can ensure we meet national standards in regards to response time and required personnel for the type of area we protect. 


In 2019 the department was able to improve our fire insurance rating to 4/9E.  During this inspection the department also completed the state water haul certification which allows us to extend the lower rating to all properties within 5 miles of the Flowes Store Fire Station whether they are close to a fire hydrant or not.  This certification requires regular training and coordination with our neighboring fire departments.  We have been working on plans to improve our rating even more and also extend the lower rating to all properties in our fire district.


We are always looking for new members to join our department and be apart of this winning team.  If you are interested in becoming a firefighter please check out our recruitment page.



Fllowesstore Fire District
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Current Statistics (a/o 1/1/2020)

Size (SqMiles) – 22.92

Land Use (percentage)
Business/Commercial – 7.01%
Residential/Mixed Use – 0%
Industrial (Heavy and Light) – 1.22%
Residential (Suburban/Rural) – 87.31%
Farmland – 1.64%
Public Lands – 0%

All Others – 2.82%

Population (estimated) 4,360

Contact Us

Flowes Store Volunteer Fire Department


8623 Flowes Store Rd.
Concord, NC  28025

Phone: +1 704/786 2326 +1 704/786 2326


Chief Joey Houston


ISO rating: 4/9E

  4 for all properties within 5 miles

     of the Flowes Store Station

  9 for properties beyond 5 miles

     of the Flowes Store Station


Serving since 1962

            2021 Call Summary -  

                580 Total Calls

Month Fire EMS Total
Jan.  19 28 47
Feb. 16 21 37
March 26 26 52
April 28 16 44
May 17 24 41
June 28 23 51
July 26 27 53
Aug. 18 32 50
Sep. 25 26 51
Oct. 22 31 53
Nov. 21 29 50
Dec. 25 26 51


Month Fire EMS Total
2020 Call Summary - 561 Total Calls
Jan.  24 15 39
Feb. 31 17 48
March 30 14 44
April 34 12 46
May 25 10 35
June 27 23 50
July 25 17 42
Aug. 31 28 59
Sep. 20 18 38
Oct. 35 23 58
Nov. 32 14 46
Dec. 27 25 52
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